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How To Generate Leads for a Law Firm: A Case Study

What's included in this case study?

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Icon-list-blue-checkThe Challenge.


Clean Slate Lawyers was receiving hundreds of visits on their website each month, but these visits weren’t translating into leads, despite the fact that a change in Oklahoma’s law resulted in more people than ever seeking to expunge their legal records. What was keeping people from taking the next step and requesting assistance from Clean Slate Lawyers?



The Solution.


We created a comprehensive, turnkey inbound marketing solution for Clean Slate Lawyers, based entirely on the HubSpot platform. The process included:


Market analysis
Client persona development
High-value SEO blog content 
development and promotion
Inbound marketing offer development
Creation of an interactive online tool
And more



The Results.


The launch of the new Bridges-built program resulted in an almost instantaneous boost to Clean Slate Lawyers’ website leads. In fact, within a short period of time, the firm’s site generated:
More monthly visits
More leads
Better organic search


Clean Slate Lawyers' Story

What challenge were you trying to address with Bridges Strategies?

"We needed a company with expertise in inbound marketing to help us find people who are eligible for our services and interested in receiving them."


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

"They've done a great job with keywords, so our organic rankings have improved dramatically in the last couple of months. Since launching the tool on HubSpot, the site visitors to leads ratio grew from less than 2% to over 10%. Their advice on how we should work helps us acquire new clients."


Image-Color-Riley"They're very reliable
and they deliver what they've promised."
Riley Mulinix
Owner, Clean Slate Lawyers
Pardon & Expungement Law



Download our free case study today to learn more about Clean Slate Lawyers' journey and see how a customized inbound strategy from Bridges can help improve web presence and profitability.